The theme features a number of custom widgets to add additional functionality to the theme.

The front page content link widget.

The front page content link widget links to a page for use as a welcome message in the front page.

Front page news widget

The frontpage news widget shows the most recent blog posts with thumbnails

Image links

It is easy to link to posts in a theme but not very easy to link to a page, calendar entry or uploaded sermon. We have created image links to assist you in adding links to any calendar item, group, message, page or post. This widget is available both on the front page and in the sidebar.

Custom social widget

The WP-church have all the social links built right into it. It is extremely easy to replace the custom icons with your own. The social icons is available with posts and can be easily be configured to add it to pages, calendar items and messages. You can also add social icons to the sidebar.

Newsletter widget

The newsletter widget is a tool for collecting newsletter subscribers.

Upcoming events

Show the next 5 upcoming events in the calendar. This can be used both in the front page and sidebar.

Verse of the day

Shows a passage in the sidebar.

Sidebar video

Shows a youtube or vimeo video in the sidebar.